NEXT DROP: NOV. 6th / 4pm EST


VOL. 1

NOV 6th / 4pm EST

30 1\1 NFTs
Prizes for the winners:

  • Access to secret channels on Discord
  • Lottery to win Multiple Series Airdrops
  • More to come...




ā€œNoCapā€ are a series of collectibles that are generated with the aim of creating with no limits.
The cap of the spray paint can represents, quintessentially, the symbol of freedom of expression, an art that is not always conventional and bias-free.
The objective of the collection was to gather artists from all over the world, and enable each one of them to contribute individually to the creation of a unique ā€œNoCapā€.


A total of 300 1/1 tokens will be minted in different volumes (editions).
In each volume a defined number of tokens will be minted, the exact number will be declared in time.
The modality will be that of the auction with starting price of 0.1 wETH each.
The auction will last 24 hours with an extension of 10 minutes in the event of a bid in the last 10 minutes.
The highest bid at the end of the auction will be the winner.
You only pay gas to initiate the contract.

A total of 5 x 10/10 tokens (50) will instead be released in the form of multiple series.
They will have a fixed price of 0.25 wETH each or they will be airdropped over the course of the editions.

Simon Dee

NoCap a Simon Dee Project 2021