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Simon Dee (Daniele Simone and Antonio Lucerna) is an artist duo started in 2004 as graffiti writers. They gained world-wide relevance by joining the most historical Italian graffiti crew, the TDK crew, and have been invited to take part in several international events as representatives of street art. In 2017, after dropping their old stage names, Simon Dee, as we know it today, was born. Initially thought to be a single artist, at the end of 2022 the duo unveiled their identity.

Their graffiti are transferred from walls to the digital world and social networks become their new canvas. To date, the artist duo has consolidated a large fan base, making him one of the most followed digital graffiti artists in the world. Over 1 million followers and millions of views across the various platforms, Simon Dee creates new content every day with the intention of capturing the attention, even if only for a few minutes, of hundreds of thousands of users every day.