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Spring Fest Super Bundle

Spring Fest Super Bundle

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Limited Edition Bundle with 36% OFF

What is contained in the Bundle?👇
6 Alphabets + 1 Character Pack

6 alphabets "Spring festival" theme:

Ninja Alphabet (26 stamp brush letters)

Bamboo Alphabet  (26 stamp brush letters)

Asian Alphabet  (26 stamp brush letters)

Sushi Alphabet  (26 stamp brush letters)

Japan Alphabet (26 stamp brush letters)

Dragon Alphabet (26 stamp brush letters)

1 Character Pack "Ninja" theme:

A character pack is a very useful tool that will help you make facial expressions, hands and feet that you can add to your creations with ease. This theme pack: Ninja. (39 stamp brushes).

    You can choose to download the bundle for Procreate, Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint.

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